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  • May 10, 2014 by Brendalee

    Perfect froth!

    I bought this on the Sears Clearance website for $59.95 which I'm learning is a steal, since most places sell it for over $100, and as high as $179. The first time I used it with the latte disc, and I was disappointed with the froth. I tried it a second time, this time with the cappuccino disc, and there was most definitely no lack of foam. The quantity of the milk doubled, and most of it was froth. The froth was smooth, firm, creamy and lasted until my drink was finished.
    I like my lattes really hot, and turning the dial to 160 made my drink hot enough I could only sip it. The machine is a bit noisier then I had expected, but not enough to wake up the household early in the morning, and a very small price to pay for a quality machine that does what it's company says it will do.
    Years ago, I had a manual milk frother jug that you put on the stove to heat, then pumped the milk by hand. It produced amazing foam, but was tiring to pump. Eventually, the lid cracked, and I wasn't able to find another like it. This machine produces the same quality of foam without all the hard work.
    Another plus about this is that it doesn't scald the milk, and is super easy to clean. If you are considering buying it, do it. You won't be disappointed!
  • April 8, 2012 by Lorrie Mcarthur

    Simply amazing

    I purchased the milk cafe, I had purchased another brand previous to the milk cafe. I was highly disappointed with that one, it didn't even make the milk hot. Since I bought the milk cafe I am so impressed, my green tea latte is really hot . Clean - up is even easier. Thanks for making such a fantastic , user friendly product no one could ever be disappointed with the milk cafe. Next purchase will be your high tech teapot)))

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