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  • July 20, 2012 by Pamela in Ontario, Canada

    The best breadmaker ever made!!!

    A friend of mine loves baking bread and recommended the Breville Custom Loaf above all other bread makers. She had tried some five different brands, and was not satisfied. Finally her husband said to spend the extra money to buy the Breville, and she has been thrilled with it. On her recommendation, I bought the Breville Custom Loaf two weeks ago, and it is currently baking the sixth loaf as I am writing this!

    I am ecstatic about this bread maker! It is my very first bread maker, and I feel terrific being able to make such fantastic and fresh home made bread for my family. I have made the whole wheat bread (2 1/2 lb) loaves, and a loaf disappears very quickly! The bread has not even had time to cool before it being cut, buttered and enjoyed!! Wow!

    I am also thrilled that this bread maker can make pizza dough, pasta and even jam, as well as many kinds of bread and rolls! I am about to buy a pasta machine as well, because I am so thrilled about the extra possibilities that the Breville bread maker presents for my cooking!

    The preparation and cleanup are just a breeze, so it only takes me about 10 minutes to gather, measure and add the ingredients, and then another loaf is cooking away! I am looking forward to trying the many recipes in the book. I really appreciated the excellent instructional video on the Breville website, as well as the thorough manual. Both my son and I like to use the light to see the bread as it goes through various stages - it is simply fun!

    Thanks Breville for a wonderful product! from Pamela, in Ontario, Canada
  • June 11, 2012 by Ann Leduc

    Better than other machines

    After having borrowed a few different machines from family and friends, I decided to buy the Breville Custom Loaf after reviewing the videos on YouTube and reading various reviews. I tried the B&D and Cuisinart models and my husband complained about the bread not being "light" and "fluffy" and didn't like to use it for sandwiches. The Custom Loaf machine makes great loaf which are light and fluffy. We no longer buy bread because it's so easy to make a loaf.

    I made the cran-orange loaf from the recipes in the manual and my co-workers ate it within minutes. They were surprised to hear that it was made by a breadmaker and that I didn't have to "monitor" the machine.

    I love the collapsible paddle and fruit & nut dispenser. My better half loves the light to see the bread while it's cooking.

    Thanks Breville! This machine is great and I have no regrets paying the extra money for your product.
  • March 25, 2012 by "Plan with Anne"

    Great bread machine!

    This is the best bread machine I have ever used! After trying and returning several different brands (3 Cuisinart, 2 B&D), due to various problems such as motors stalling and bread pans popping off the mounts, I had just about given up when someone recommended Breville to me. I'm still experimenting, but so far each loaf has turned out either perfect or almost perfect. Of the 10 loaves I have made in almost 2 weeks, only 1 was a "door stopper", but still edible! The paddle even remained in the pan every time when the bread was done. So far the only problem I've had was when making a loaf of raisin bread, I filled the automatic fruit and nut dispenser with some very fresh and sticky golden raisins, and it didn't pop open automatically at the signal. I had to remove the raisins and add them to the bread pan manually. Next time I will try washing and drying the raisins on paper towels, as the YouTube video shows! Thanks, Breville, for a great bread machine.....a little more expensive but worth every penny!

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