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  • March 8, 2016 by Michelle


    I use to work for a large coffee corporation, 10 years to be exact! Since then, trying to find an actual machine that would be able to deliver' Quality, taste and "Pressure" at reasonable price' was few and far between. FINALLY, came across the Café Roma. There truly is a god, and he loves me!!
  • April 26, 2012 by Byron

    Looks Great

    I received this beatiful expresso maker for Christmas. Our family enjoyed the machine for two months (40 coffees). Then the plastic control knob failed, the heat from the boiler softens the plastic on the inside of the control knob which is unable to turn the switch from expresso to steamed milk. This renders the machine useless. After 3 emails to customer service I have not received any, other than a re-direct to Personal Edge. The one year warranty does not exist. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend Breville, unless you are looking for a nice expresso machine ornament which really looks great on the Kitchen countertop. 5 stars for looks, 0 for performance!
  • October 20, 2010 by Amanda

    Amazing and Affordable

    So after having dinner at a snooty friend's house her husband went on and on about their Delonghi $2000 digital espresso maker and how it makes such amazing coffee and so on. After messing around with all the digital displays and so on it made a decent coffee, which for that price it should be expected to do, along with get up and serve it to you. So a few nights ago we had them over for dinner and I made espresso and lattes with my sweet little Breville CafeRoma. The coffees were fantastic and my friend's husband just sat there with a "hmph" look on his face because he couldn't say a thing. Didn't stop him from having 2 double espressos though, lol. Great little machine for under $250. We have had it a year, use it several times a day sometimes. Quality machine for the price. Even the snobs can't tell. Hint....always buy fresh, rich, top quality beans or grinds, makes a world of difference. Compared to the snob machine the noise is the same. Do blow out the steamer and wipe down after every use, only takes a minute. Great little machine.
  • April 23, 2010 by Florentin

    Amazing Espresso - Acceptable weaknesses for the money

    The machine makes amazing espresso, and as long as you do not press the coffee in too tight or use a too fine grind you can not do any wrong. Pre run with just hot water (as stated in handbook) is important for stable heat performance. Then it holds the heat for a looong double espresso. The special filter with one hole in the bottom guaranties one of the best cremas I ever have seen (comparison to spain, italy and germany).

    The body is really well build and definitively containing more metal than a jura machine.. it is damn heavy!

    One teardrop: As casting iron is not a very precise production method, the water tank metal flip cover is ringing like a cow bell when the machine is working. I put rubber stops on the bottom. But this is really sth they could have avoided.

    But it is worth its 200 CAD!
  • April 15, 2010 by Rob

    Molto bene

    It is apparently true that good things come in small packages. My recent purchase of the Cafe Roma has proven to be an excellent choice . Great crema, terrific flavor and easy clean up and the bonus of not taking up a lot of counter space.
    Great job Breville!
  • April 14, 2010 by edt

    Totally impressed.

    I purchased my Cafe Roma machine late January 2010 after having an espresso from a friend’s machine she got over Christmas. This has been the best purchase ever. I was always under the impression that I could never afford a machine to do this from home, but I was way off in left field. The machine is fabulous, and totally affordable. I have never been disappointed with my espressos. My children also love it, as it makes the best steamed milk (we use Soy). I have been using Nabob Espresso grounds, but after reading another review, and the recommendation I will be trying Starbucks'.
  • February 28, 2010 by Dorothy

    Really Happy

    Well! I've waited a long time to get a espresso machine, Now that I have one ( A Breville) My Husband and I have one everynight after supper. The coffee is hot and I haven't had one problem. I am very happy with my machine. Thank you
  • February 16, 2010 by jp 2/16/10

    Satisfied but need to know more about how to make crema out of milk

    I have just purchased the Cafe Roma EXP8XL and am learning how to use it. Since I have never done it before, it's not obvious how to make a good cappucino. What is the best milk to use to succeed? In the manual, they just mention the quantity of espresso, milk and crema. So far, the espresso was good and the machine is easy to operate and clean.
  • February 5, 2010 by McG's

    We LOVE Our Cafe Roma

    We are coffee snobs and trek far and wide to find a decent cup of european-style coffees. When it became apparent that these venues were few and far between in Toronto and the GTA, we bought the Breville Cafe Roma and decided to master the art ourselves. We have never been disappointed and delight ourselves each day with delicious and beautiful espresso based beverages. Our guests have often remarked about the quality of the crema that is achieved by this machine - no matter the brand of espresso used. Thank you for a great product.
  • January 29, 2010 by dbh

    First Espresso Machine - Very Pleased

    I recently purchased a Cafe Roma ESP8XL. I enjoy espresso, but had heard that unless you were willing to spend more than $1,000.00, the espresso not as good as what you get in a coffee shop, and that the machines were a hassle to clean. This machine has disproven both of these myths. My first "test" cup was perhaps the best espresso that I have ever tasted. The crema was an entire layer, not just a trace on the surface. Every cup since has been excellent. For clean up, the few parts that you need to clean wash up in a minute. I have read reviews about the machines clogging, but having used Starbucks' ground espresso, I have not seen any evidence of this yet. People often write these reviews when they are dissatisfied with a product, so I just wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for a great, well priced machine.

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